LTL & FTL Service

United Blue Logistics


With our LTL administration, we transport your merchandise at lower delivering rates. We join your individual transfer and boat it along with different transfers in a similar truck.

We separate your combined shipment back into the first individual transfer and convey it to you. Through our E-transporter Portal, you can ascertain the breakpoint of when to utilize LTL and when a full truck load turns out to be more practical.


LTL (Less than Truckload) service meets the needs of small businesses that need to move goods in smaller batches. For this, shipping companies combine different shipments from various customers with multiple stops. Essentially, each customer only pays for the capacity their freight occupies.

United Blue Logistics


Do you have larger volumes of goods to ship over shorter distances, and preferably, as fast as possible? We offer an FTL service with high flexibility and destinations all over North America . When it comes to road freight, we know punctuality and security are stringent demands and important factors in order to provide truly reliable services.


We provide on-time full-truckload (FTL) transportation services throughout Canada and America. We provide safe and reliable freight transportation. We take pride in the professionalism of our drivers, fleet maintenance programs, dispatch systems and tracking capabilities. Our shipments are fast, efficient and on schedule preventing delays and damages to our client’s loads.

Many of our trucks are equipped with satellite navigation and tracking systems, allowing us to check their positions online. This means that you know exactly where the cargo is at all times. Based on international standards, we offer a fully secured cargo during the entire transportation.